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This website LEOlytics.com has been designed to put advertisers in touch with digital media by the entity Into The Marketing Media Group S.L. for business purposes.

Owner of the website

  • Registered name: Into The Marketing Media Group S.L.
  • Tax Identification Number (CIF): B87538336
  • Intra-EU CIF: ESB87538336
  • Head Office: Av. Sierra Nevada 41, 41807 Sevilla. Spain.
  • Contact: Rocío Martín Travesí
  • Telephone: +34 653909809
  • Email address: hola@leolytics.com


The current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obliges us to inform you on the reason why we gather your data, what we do with them and how we store them, and which rights you are granted as a user of LEOlytics. The current privacy policy is applied to your personal data when you visit any of our websites or the platform. In no event will your relationship with third party sites not owned by us be applicable or regulated.

Which data do we store?

Depending on your type of account or profile in LEOlytics, we need a few data.

In general, the data we request from you are those which in no event affect your essential rights, as they are deemed identifying information. LEOlytics does not use cookies to gather user information, and does not record IP addresses. Only our own cookies are used for sessions and for technical purposes (those allowing the user to browse through the website and to use the different options and services there).

The data we may request are: 

1.- Email: it helps us communicate with you and keep you informed of the news and updates of the platform. You may always unsubscribe from our mailing, or even from specific communications, from your user profile. 

2.- Full Name / Corporate name: with these data we may bill our services or have you bill us within the platform. It is important for these data to be true and accurate given the statutory and tax obligations which LEOlytics must fulfil.

3.- National ID (DNI) Tax Identification Number (NIF): as is the case above, it helps us issue any invoices.

4.- Postal / tax / residential address: it is essential for us to know your address for tax purposes. 

5.- Contact telephone: in order to communicate with our users better, we may request a contact number and thus offer customised care.

6.- Payment data: these data are necessary to pay for our services or payable amounts upon the delivery of invoices issued by editors.

Why do we store your personal data?

LEOlytics keeps their user data for as long as their statutory, tax and corporate obligations must be met. From the moment you unsubscribe from the platform, our intention is to remove any personal data. Nevertheless, even though that data are not commercially active, LEOlytics may store them and handle them for as long as it is necessary in compliance with statutory and tax obligations.

With whom do we share these data?

LEOlytics does not share its users’ personal data for commercial purposes with other people or companies. We share them with the people or companies, whether arising from statutory, tax or organisation obligations, and they govern the handling of your data independently from LEOlytics.

What are our users’ rights for personal data provided to LEOlytics?

Our users are protected by the European and local regulations on Data Protection. As acknowledged under GDPR, you may: access your data, rectify those you deem convenient, restrict their use, object to their use, cancel the data you facilitated to us or transfer the data we store to a third party.

You may enforce your rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection to LEOlytics through the different contact methods specified below. Nevertheless, you are warned that exercising those rights could entail the termination of the business relationship, as the case may be, due to the impossibility to conduct the activity in question

  • Contact emailhola@leolytics.com
  • Contact telephone: +34 653 909 809
  • Address: Av. Sierra Nevada 41, 41807 Sevilla. España.


LEOlytics is an automated order management system. For that purpose, users with ongoing orders will receive the provided address via email, notifications on the status of their orders, as well as their invoices. Given the nature of the provided service, these notifications are not optional, since they are merely informative.

Moreover, LEOlytics may complete another series of notifications via email, with the users’ expressed authorization, referencing the latest news of the system, offers or media. In this case, the user may set them from their dashboard , not including those they do not wish to receive.


Intellectual property rights in the https://www.leolytics.com portal, together with their source code, design, browsing structures and the elements it contains are the exclusive property of Into The Marketing Media Group S.L., an entity which may exclusively enforce its operating rights, especially reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation rights, in accordance with applicable Spanish and European Union legislation.

The LEOlytics.com portal, the pages comprising it, and the information or elements included there, including texts, documents, photographs and data from their users and/or customers, as well as logos, brands, trade names or other distinguishing symbols protected by intellectual property rights, held by Into The Marketing Media Group S.L. or third parties.


Both access to this website and the potential use of the information and content included there will fall under the liability of the person in charge. The terms of access to this website will be subject to the current legal system and principles of good faith and lawful use by the user, with the general prohibition of any type of action to the detriment of Into The Marketing Media Group S.L. or LEOlytics.com. The use of this web portal for unlawful or unauthorised purposes will be strictly prohibited.

Any type of operation, including any method of reproduction, distribution, assignment to third parties, public communication and transformation, by any support or medium, of the above-mentioned construction, creations and distinguishing symbols, will be strictly prohibited without previous and expressed authorization from their respective holders.

The breach of this prohibition may amount to an offense punishable under applicable legislation. Nevertheless, the user may, on their own behalf and at their own risk, download or issue a copy of those elements for their exclusive personal use, provided that it does not infringe upon any intellectual property right granted to Into The Marketing Media Group S.L or third parties, or alter them, in whole or in part.

Unless expressly authorised by Into The Marketing Media Group S.L., it is prohibited to present LEOlytics.com pages, or the information contained therein, under frames, distinguishing symbols, trademarks or trade names held by another person or company.

The LEOlytics.com website contains opinion pieces and other publications, which are the exclusive responsibility of their user. In case any opinion or material is contrary to applicable legislation, it will be promptly removed by the website administrator.

In addition, these pieces are published in digital media with links to the website specified by the advertiser, and thus, the advertiser must responsibly and naturally manage the use of links to prevent potential penalties in search engine positions, LEOlytics being exempt from any legal liability in case any restrictive measure is applied by the search engine.

In order to communicate any aspect related to the foregoing, you may contact us by email at: hola@leolytics.com